Level: Security professionals

Whether you specialize in offense/penetration testing, defense, research or governance, there are many ways to make mistakes, especially in the fields that are not your main focus. Become one of those that do not learn the hard way, get free advice based upon my 20+ years of IT sec experience, and have some fun while attending this interdisciplinary lecture covering numerous subjects of interest for both experienced technicals and less technically inclined audience.

Neven Biruski – During his 20+ years in the IT industry, he has had roles in design, development, deployment, testing, troubleshooting and optimization applying different technologies on number of projects from various business domains. He has obtained extensive experience in the security-related technologies ranging from design of high-security environments to performing and leading penetration testing teams, establishing and leading the security departments, hardening and responding to incidents in some of the biggest and most secure environments in the country along the way. Rest of the time he devoted to various consulting and training sessions, helping to educate various future system and security engineers.


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