Level: Technical

This talk will be in the first part about some of the attributes around HTTP/2, TLS 1.3 and QUIC. The talk will start with HTTP/2, where I want to outline how HTTP/2 is working and what attributes HTTP/2 is bringing to make the web faster and more secure.

The second part will give a quick introduction to TLS 1.3 and the impact of TLS encryption, especially around the fact that the handshake of TLS 1.3 is now encrypting more information than with previous versions.

The third part will talk about QUIC, how it is used today and what the attributes of QUIC are.
After each section we will do a quick sanity check on how a security gateway would potentially deal with the encrypted traffic. This talk will be vendor neutral as most security gateways deal with those protocols in the same way.

Tobias Mayer joined Cisco in 1999 where he started to focus on network security. He is currently working as a Technical Solution Architect in the EMEAR Security Consulting Team, specialized on content security. Beside content security, he has a very special eye on IPv6 and new protocols like HTTP/2, QUIC and TLS. He likes cats and boats.


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