Interested in sponsoring us?

Getting a community event going (possibly for free) is not easy. We’re looking for sponsoring to provide for a nice and central location, two tracks, tech and ideally food and drinks for attendees. If you are interested to help an event by the security community – for the security community please contact us either via twitter or send us an e-mail to ‘sponsorship [at] bsidesljubljana [dot] si‘. See also BSidesLjubljana 2018 Sponsorship kit (PDF).

Note that BSides is not a vendor marketing event, but you’re more than welcome to participate in any way you feel appropriate.

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Leading sponsor

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – https://aws.amazon.com/

Contributing sponsors

Arnes.si | Registrar.si | SI-Cert

Viris d.o.o. – https://www.viris.si

Supporting sponsors

3fs d.o.o. – http://3fs.si

XLAB d.o.o. – https://www.xlab.si/

Wireless and networking

Aero-IT d.o.o. – http://aero-it.eu//

Media sponsors

Help Net Security – https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/

Peerlyst – http://www.peerlyst.com

Community sponsors


Creative Centre Poligon – http://www.poligon.si/en/

HamburgSides – https://2016.hamburgsides.org/

SecTalks – http://www.sectalks.org/


Local hackerspace (what is still left of it) Cyberpipe/Kiberpipa – http://www.kiberpipa


Linux User Group of Slovenia – LUGOS – http://www.lugos.si


Cloud Security Alliance Slovenia Chapter – http://www.csa.si