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I’m working on experimental project called Reggae: https://github.com/cbsd/reggae. Once stable enough, most of it will be merged in CBSD, so this is a peek into the future of CBSD as more than just jail/bhyve/xen manager in production and test labs. What we already use it for is daily development with the little help of Reggae: https://meka.rs/blog/2017/11/20/cbsd-reggae/. What I’m currently working on is adding a testing feature to Reggae, which means jails have to be secured. Besides jail options, there are other technologies to restrict or grant access to processes. With the VNET coming in FreeBSD 12, there will be new ways of dealing with processes and network filtering.

In short, I’ll present what are CBSD, jails and bhyve able to achieve now, and what are CBSD plans for the future, with an overview of what new is coming to FreeBSD that caught our eye (hint: VNET and Ceph).

Goran Mekić (@meka_floss)
FreeBSD and Linux sys admin for 11 years and huge automation addict. For the past few years I’ve been trying to run FreeBSD on all machines I can lay my hands on, running anything from hosting software to art. In my “replace by FreeBSD” endeavor I came up with which make that task easier.

As a hacker, WEB developer, sys admin, video/audio producer and novice embedded and kernel C developer, I have huge demands when it comes to operating systems: real-time for audio recording/production, availability of software, stability and decent storage solution, support for audio/video hardware, etc. For now, only FreeBSD can cope with such diverse tasks in a way that mature software should, so I tend to talk about (from my perspective) the only true general purpose operating system whenever I can.


[Slides (PDF)] [Recording (MP4)]

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