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Sorry for the radio silence with latest updates, whole BSidesLjubljana team was too exhausted to do the site update after the event. But here it is ..

We are slowly publishing video recordings and slides of talks. We are still waiting to get all the slide decks (hint hint – a reminder for some of the speakers).

If you are blogging/tweeting about it – let us know, we will be happy to share it forward and try to take into account your comments for next event. A final postmortem hasn’t been done yet, but first feedbacks say we had another great BSidesLjubljana event.

Poligon was packed again – talking about ~200 BSidesLjubljana participants during a whole day.  Great job!!

Once again we thank


BSides Ljubljana 0x7E2 ended

Over & out!


in 20min

| March 10th, 2018

We start in 20min 🙂


| February 27th, 2018

Here are some quick updates on our side:

  • We managed to prepare a list of presentations/talks based on best CfP submissions we got in time, but not all are listed there at the moment, still waiting for some of the speakers to reach back and confirm the presence at BSidesLjubljana.
  • Arron ‘finux‘ Finnon is joining us with the opening keynote.
  • Final agenda is still in progress – hopefully it will be ready at least a week before the event.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined as the leading sponsor of BSidesLjubljana – THANK YOU!!!
  • THANK YOU to participants who actually bought “Supporter” ticket.
  • The last batch of FREE tickets goes out on the 1st of March at 10 AM (CET).
  • Traveling abroad is never easy or cheap, especially if you have to make last minute reservations. We’ve reserved a limited amount of tickets to make it easier for you. To get one, send us an email to “tickets [at] bsidesljubljana [dot] si” or get in touch with us via Twitter (@BSidesLjubljana) and let us know where you are from, and why you’d like to come.
  • When twitting about the event, make sure you add hashtag ” #BSidesLjubljana ” < Thank you <3

CFP is closed! We got 23 submissions and in following days will start announcing the chosen talks/workshops.

While participation is FREE, you still need a ticket.

Remaining tickets will go out in next two rounds:

  • February 16th, 10 am (CET),
  • March 1st, 10 am (CET).

.. and yes, the amount of tickets is limited. Please see tickets page for more details. Keep in mind that besides the free tickets there are also supporter tickets available, that helps us cover some of the costs. Be supporter or if you are a company, consider sponsoring us.

We need your HELP!

| December 23rd, 2017

New editiaon of BSidesLjubljana is in preparation. Please save the date – BSidesLjubljana will take place on March 10th in 2018 at Poligon creative centre, Ljubljana.

BSides is community driven information security event and here is the challenge – WE NEED YOUR HELP! We cannot do it without your participation (giving a talk/workshop, sponsoring, volunteering, helping us or just be at present there).

Here is how YOU can help:

  • Call for papers is online and open – so please submit your talk/workshop proposal, share CFP with your friends and colleagues, follow us on twitter (@BSidesLjubljana) and spread the word.
  • To keep BSidesLjubljana free for all participants we need sponsors to cover the costs. Can we count on your help or you might know someone or some company who can help us out. Please get in touch with us via sponsorship [at] bsidesljubljana [dot] si or twitter (@BSidesLjubljana). More on this topic, together with sponsorship KIT is available at here
  • Spread the word about #BSidesLjubljana on social networks, between your friends and colleagues – share, tweet, retweet, blog, reblog, use hashtag #BSidesLjubljana. Make some noise!

Here are some dates YOU NEED to REMEMBER:

  • 2017 December 1st: CFP Open (see link above)
  • 2018 February 10th: CFP deadline
  • .. in-between tickets will become available (limited amount)
  • 2018 March 10th: BSides Ljubljana 0x7E2

We look forward to seeing you this coming March. If you don’t find the information you are looking for on this site don’t hesitate to reach out to ‘hello [at] bsidesljubljana [dot] si’ or twitter (@BSidesLjubljana)